Advanced Facilities
Bring Great Products

Our Helium Center is equipped with a wide range of advanced support facilities that adds our trust to provide the best services to our customers with the utmost. Which are...

  1. Compressor Pump – “Burckhardt”; to achieve high level of purity & pressure
  2. Diaphragm Compressor; to achieve high level of purity & pressure
  3. Package Cylinder Treatment Facility; to ensure cylinder's safety and feasibility
  4. Latest High Technology Automatic Refilling System
  5. Laboratory Analyzer equipped by Servomex; high precision equipment
  6. Long Tube Supply (40 ft, 22 ft & 20 ft); for high consumption customers
  7. Complete Variety of Dewar Tanks – 500L, 400L, 250L & 100L
  8. Complete Variety of Cylinders – 50 L, 47 L, 40 L & 30 L (steel & aluminum)
  9. MRI tools with RTM (Real Time Monitor); high precision
  10. Delivery Fleet; supported with hydraulic system to ensure safety in delivery to customers' location.